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Bullet - BFM Group, Inc. - St. Louis Printing, Creative, Marketing, Graphics, Website Design, Social Media, Business Forms, Direct Mail, Video, Apparel
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Bullet - BFM Group, Inc. - St. Louis Printing, Marketing, Graphics, Web, Social Media, Mobile, SMS, Business Forms, Direct Mail, Video
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Bullet - BFM Group, Inc. - St. Louis Printing, Marketing, Graphics, Web, Social Media, Mobile, SMS, Business Forms, Direct Mail, Video
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BFM Marketing

BFM Marketing

"A complete multi-media marketing company, BFM will focus on your company's goals,customers and products to develop strategies and multi-platform marketing programs that achieve the highest return on investment."

With a combined team of over 45 years experience we help you implement and monitor each marketing program successfully.


We start with an executive summary meeting with your company to understand main growth goals and address budget requirements to meet your sales revenue plans.


We will understand your target markets and customers and how they reflect to your products, services, and business approach.


We will review your industry trends and competition to build a strong marketing strategy.


BFM's proposal will recommend marketing methodology with your participation and approval. Our proposal will include how your sales goals will be achieved within your budget requirement.


It is results that count and we will work with you to measure the success of any program's on-going impact from roll out to your final sales goals acheived.


  • Marketing Analysis
  • Strategic Planning and Implementation
  • Web and Email Internet Marketing
  • Impact Video Marketing
  • Direct Mail Marketing
  • Radio Advertising
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Print Advertising
  • Contests, Coupons, Polls, Sweepstakes
  • Signage and Banners
  • Promotional Products
  • Co-op Fund Utilization
  • Demographic Listings
  • Optimum Mapping and Mailing
  • Data Collection
  • Data File Management

BFM Marketing - Progression Illustration

Multi-Platform Marketing

BFM Group Inc. is a complete multi-media marketing company. We've developed a way for campaigns and promotions to work together to maximize sales by running them through multi-platforms.

By utilizing all of the available marketing avenues you achieve more recognition, more call to action, and therefore more sales.

A Direct Mail campaign regarding a promotion, or coupon, can be sent out to specific targeted demographics for a call to action that takes theprospect to your website, Facebook page, or location.

In-store, website, and Facebook promotions, give us a chance to collect and manage data on your prospects and existing clients.

Data collection and management ultimately allows us to timely send emails and text messages regarding promotions for your company.

Online Marketing, Impact Videos, and Radio Ads are designed to inform your target audience about your company. In addition, they advertise current sales promotions and establish another avenue to create a call to action response.

Social Media is also part of the picture and is a new way of communicating with your prospects and existing customers. We can team up with you to program custom Facebook pages, YouTube videos, and set up custom e-newsletters to continue the conversation with your clients.

All of these specific platforms work together to grow more sales and create a successful marketing campaign from start to finish.